For the last several weeks we have been “on the road”, visiting different friends and family in the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and right now on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  We have been busy enjoying ourselves and if you read this blog, you will recognize I haven’t been on here much.  🙁  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying life! 🙂 Below is a picture that summarizes a late afternoon in Hawaii, with a cup of coffee, a fresh plumeria picked for me, my iPad mini with an Instagram post and some plumeria drawings by a grand-daughter. Time at the Table in Hawaii

One thing that has been consistent during this time is COFFEE!  I have been able to enjoy using the different styles of coffee makers at the homes we stay in for some variety.  I did pack my on-the-stovetop-espresso maker which means I have been able to make shots in the dark espresso drinks regardless of what type of coffee or coffee maker is in the home we are staying at during our visits. on the stove espresso maker

I have been able to enjoy my coffee in a variety of mugs, which is a fun thing to do.  While enjoying these different mugs, I have not been blogging much, but I have been posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram with some updates.  So you can catch me there until I have some time in the next week or so to get back to sharing on this blog. Dark Choc Peaberry and MickeySee the word one cup at a timeFrozen Mug and DVD

(I will also be updating my Gratitude Jar Project later this month to include two months’ worth of things I appreciate.) Star and Jar For Gratitude  Gramma Sherry (4)

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