Welcome to my Gramma Sherry’s website. Thank you for visiting.  On this website I will  share life experience in different realms—cooking, family, saving money, travel and a variety of  subject, as they come to mind.

I am called Gramma Sherry by over a dozen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.    I am officially retired, having done so at 62.  What better time to start a website revolving around life and how to enjoy every moment.

I love coffee.   That’s why you will see the phrase “Coffee is Mandatory” on some of the graphics I make and put on here or other websites.

I love to cook, with my style leaning more towards the simpler recipes (Less chance of making mistakes, or so I assume!) and I love  to incorporate fresh local produce in as many menus as I can.

I have gone thru different stages of cooking, starting with helping my mom and grandmothers cooking on our farm for our family and making lunches for crews working on the farm. While raising my family I learned to cook in bulk.  I seem to recall a pot of pasta sauce going at least once or twice a month, to be made into simple spaghetti and used to make lasagna or other casseroles to feed hungry kids. (At one time there were five boys and one girl living in our house!  Food could disappear fast!)  Now that it is just the two of us at home, I have had to re-learn how to cook in smaller quantities.   I love to share the recipes I am using now on here, as well as some old favorites.

I hope you enjoy your visit here.  Your comments or questions are always welcome.  Thanks, again, for visiting.

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Mike & I at a Zags game winter 2019

Mike & I at a winter Zags basketball game 2019