Affogato Prep Gelato

Vanilla Caramel Gelato

Galetto in Bowl

Small scoop of vanilla caramel gelato

All Ingredients for Affogato

Espresso made in on-the-stove-top-maker, Vanilla Caramel Gelato in container and small bowl with one scoop of gelato

In a prior post, I shared how much I enjoyed a new treat that combined coffee and espresso.   Today I decided to try making it at home myself.   Above are the pictures of the simple steps to make it.   I opted to do a very small sampler size for my first made at home affogato.

Yesterday I found a wonderful gelato when I did a quick shop at Ali’s.   Let me tell you, it is a wonderful product, eaten all by itself (which both Mike and I enjoyed last night, having a small bowl while watching tv).  Adding a shot of espresso just make it that much better.

A two ingredient dessert is a great way to go!  This recipe is simply one scoop of ice cream (gelato in this case) and a shot of espresso or strong coffee.   Easy as it can be and oh! so yummy!

I am not the neatest person when it comes to pouring espresso over my gelato, I admit,  but you can see how easy it is to make this in the video below.

I hope everyone has a great three-day weekend here in the United States with Independence Day being a day off on Monday for those who work.  Maybe you will want to add making this simple dessert to your list of things to do over the three-day weekend.

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