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Family time is the best!  And what better place to spend some quality family time than at an ice cream parlor. 🙂

This week my son, Mark, invited me to join his family at a local ice creamery in a part of Spokane that has been growing with new homes and businesses called Kendall Yards.   While inside the store, the kids (three of my grand-kids) were tasting different ice cream flavors (Boo picked bubble gum and is shown above eating it) before picking what they wanted.   The server asked what I wanted to have; since my son was having coffee, I wasn’t sure if I wanted coffee or ice cream, and responded with that information.  He immediately said that I should try an affogato.  I paused and smiled and said “Okay, I”ll ask.  What is that?”  His answer was that it was two scoops of ice cream with two shots of espresso.   As I was ready to reply the other server said “It is especially good if you chose salted caramel for the ice cream.”  My response?  SOLD!

Close Up of AffogatoIt really was an incredible treat!  If you are ever at an eatery that offers it and you are a fan of coffee & ice cream, you definitely need to give it a try!   The establishment we went to is called Brain Freeze Creamery.   The salted caramel ice cream was amazing!  (One of my first jobs was working in a local ice cream parlor in downtown Spokane and I learned to enjoy quality ice cream—and how great truly good hot fudge could be on top of ANY ice cream.)

What have you been enjoying for a special treat these days?

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