Three years ago today was a day that put change into motion for my lifestyle.

I hadn’t realize it was today until my Facebook Memories popped up and showed me this picture.


This is what was on my desk when I came to work for my last day at Ecova today. I am so blessed to have worked with a great group of people these last 8 years. One chapter completed , but a new one will be written. I am grateful for both. :-).

New Job

Almost eight years before that date, I started a new job.  

Honestly, when I went to work it was primarily for a  paycheck, assuming I would spend my days there as a data entry employee.  I felt it was a good fit for me as I am a relatively fast typing/keying numbers.  I was not looking for a career. But, I found one.  

Little did I know that I would move from that department to another, work as a mentor for new hires and be part of a pilot program for OJTs (“on the job training” ).   When the company announced job listings for new  positions as supervisors, I applied and was hired as a supervisor.  I held that position for two years, leaving when the position was eliminated.   


change-is-goodWorking in an office setting was not what I had envisioned for that time frame. But, I adapted — honestly, I enjoyed my time at that company, growing both professionally and personally.   Change is part of life. I always knew that.  But during this time, I learned that people adapt differently when faced with change.  This is especially true when they cannot control the change.  My attitude about change has always been to embrace it and move forward with it.  I had that attitude then and I still have it today.  Change is still a part of my life.  (Repeat after me — Change is good.  Change is good.  🙂 )   To be honest, I cannot imagine my life staying the same, with no change in it.  Change IS good.  I guess you could say that is what I mean when I say I am “livin’ the adventure!”

Adapting Yet Again

That same attitude–adapting–continues on.  Over the last three years my life has taken many turns.   Three months ago my husband and I moved back to Spokane, after having lived in the Dominican Republic for the better part of two years.   We moved into a two bedroom apartment which started a fun process of setting up a new household. As a retired couple who basically eliminated the majority of their belongings before heading out of the country, this process has been very similar to what we did as newlyweds over forty years ago.  

One lesson I have learned is that having a positive attitude about change makes the transition so much easier.  

Stay tune for further posts about the process we have gone thru setting up our household in this new beginning. What do you think you would find necessary to buy/replace if you were in our situation?








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  1. And I am so glad you were at Ecova….Your influence there has had ripple effects.

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