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I grew up on a wheat farm.  I am a farmer’s daughter.  I am proud of my heritage.   August is the month that always makes me go back to the memories I have of the harvest time back on the farm. I recall the heat while sitting in the truck waiting in the fields for the combine to come around and dump into the bed of the truck.   Driving into town to the elevator brought a breeze thru the open windows which cooled me down a bit.  (Remembering to keep the speed down so the loose grain  wouldn’t blow out to the side of the road.)  

When it came time to acknowledge that August has come around, it was a no-brainer to use a photo that depicted harvest time.

While reading messages from my sister who is working as a truck driver for harvest, I set my cup of coffee down next to a bouquet of wheat.    I decided to take a picture of it — which turned into the posting of the below picture.  (I do love my coffee!)

Harvest and Coffee (3)

The last month of summer time may bring back harvest memories for me, but I wonder what memories you have of the last month of summer…or what memories you are making now?  I know that some of my grand-kids are on their way to youth camp.   Another group of grand-kids are in the  middle of moving with their parents and I imagine the whole family is trying to cram in a few last fun things to do before they move in about two weeks.

Star Post It

I have a lot to be grateful for. (There has to be a better word to express just how much I have to be grateful for, but it isn’t coming to me at the moment.) Yet it has been two months since I posted my Gratitude Jar Update. (I blame it on being “mobile” and not in one spot.) I should have that up here in the next day or two —- thru the last 4+ months I have recognized how blessed I am to have generous friends and family.  That is what I will be posting about —- soon!

Here’s to a great August!

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