Let me start out by saying I ♥ kimchee!    I first tasted it many years ago when we lived on the island of Maui and I fell in love with it!  My husband, not so much so.    In fact, he has asked me to NEVER have it in our home, so I don’t.  (In case you don’t know, kimchee has a unique aroma to it!)    But I do enjoy it when I find it elsewhere.   One of the side dishes served with our meals at B Dali Asian Bistro was kimchee — which made me smile.  And that was just one of the dishes that brought a smile to my face!

I went with one of my sons so we were able to try four different dishes together.  I ordered off the Starters Menu first, requesting a dish named Som Tum.  I had eaten something similar when I lived in the Dominican Republic and wanted to try it here.  It was a wonderful dish! When we ordered our food Mama Jeannie (owner and our server) asked if either of us had peanut allergies (no) and I must say the addition of the peanuts made a nice crunch in this Thai-style lime sauce dish!  I will definitely be ordering this dish again!

I had decided ahead of time that I wanted to try the Famous Boat Noodle Soup for my main dish and it did not disappoint.  The broth was rich and the flavor was amazing!  I was not able to finish the large bowl I was served so I did request a to-go container and enjoyed it for second meal at home the next evening.

The other dishes ordered were Char Kuey Teow (stir-fried rice noodles with beef on the rice & noodles section) and off the sides section SSAM-Korean Lettuce Wraps.  The SSAM-Jang chili dipping sauce that came with the wraps was a huge hit with my son!


When my son and I go to have sushi we always order sushi made with cucumber; this side dish reminded me of how wonderful cucumber is for a light taste, especially with so many other amazing tastes in this meal!

I highly recommend this restaurant!  The whole experience was A+.  (Also, I noticed that Mama Jeannie posted a couple new dishes in the last few days on social media and stated that her spring menu was going to start soon.  So if you want to try any of these dishes, I might suggest heading out there sooner than later, as I don’t know if any will remain on the menu.  I know I want to go and try one of the fried rice dishes she has next time I go.)

NOTE:  B Dali Asian Bistro is located in Airway Heights and I found out about it from Instagram.  (*I did win a giveaway done on Instagram by Spokane Playground for a $25 gift certificate, but all posts/comments are entirely mine and not solicited by anyone.) 

If you want to see the menus please click here:  https://www.dbaliasianbistro.com/  

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