Stroopwafel (4)

This month has been a busy one for me.   We took a trip over the weekend from Texas to Missouri and back.  And on Sunday we will head to our home base in Washington for the rest of the month.

We fly on United Airlines when we travel.  They have started giving small free snacks on their domestic flights and on morning flights you get an individually wrapped Stroopwafel.  Stroopwafel times two

On the morning flight we took, we had already stopped at the Starbucks in the airport and each had a Venti Americano, we opted not to drink coffee on the flight so I brought the Stroopwafels  home with us.  So today I got to have my first taste of it! Coffee and First Bite of Stroopwafel

If you have never heard of Stroopwafel, let me just share how you “make” them.  This is taken directly off the website of the company that makes them.

Place a stroopwafel over the top of a hot cup of coffee or tea for about a minute and enjoy the sweet aromas as your stroopwafel transforms into a delicious warm treat. This is the traditional Dutch way of enjoying a stroopwafel . What are you waiting for!

You really should give it a try.  It makes for a very nice treat along with a cup of coffee.

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