Instant Human: Just Add Coffee

I have tried to remember when it was that I first became a coffee drinker. I don’t recall drinking coffee as a child nor a teenager (which is a good thing, or so say I). I think my first true experience with drinking coffee on a regular basis happened when I was in business school in the early 1970s. The school had a coffee table set up for a daily donation. I believe back then I would drop a quarter into the money container and drink as much coffee as I wanted between classes.

I honestly don’t remember loving the coffee. That started many years later when I joined a coffee delivery program in the mid 1980s. Gevalia Coffee was not available in stores but only through a delivery system that I set up for two different clubs on an automatic service. I remember looking forward to my favorite type of coffee that was only delivered once a year — peaberry.

Slowly coffee started becoming “an art” and I became an espresso drinker, adding flavors and dairy to my drinks either at home or when I would go to a coffee stand. As time marched on my tastes changed and now my go-to espresso drink is an Americano. I do add a little stevia and a good splash of heavy whip cream to it, but my favorite part of the coffee is the deep, rich flavor of the espresso.

I look forward to hearing what others enjoy when it comes to their coffee. I make coffee at home and I also enjoy going to local coffee shops and Starbucks. Coffee is mandatory!

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