In our household, it is just my husband & I that I cook for most days.  During the week for breakfast I fix him a fruit smoothie, using the local produce we get.   (Can you say yummy tropical fruit smoothie?)  But on the weekends, I pull out the pans and fix something more in the line of plate breakfast.

A while ago a friend of mine posted a short video on her Facebook page that showed a different twist on the egg in the hole breakfast— Grilled Cheese Egg in a Hole sandwich.

  Grilled Cheese Egg in the Hole Breakfast PhotoGrid                      Egg in a hole grilled cheese sandwich collage

I wanted to try it, but I did not have any sliced bread, BUT I did have Ciabatta bread rolls that were a good size so here is what I did.

Got out:one egg, two bags of shredded cheese, two triangles of soft Swiss cheese, and some butter to go with the ciabatta bread.   I sliced oh! so thinly to get the crust off both sides of the roll.   Next, I added the soft Swiss cheese to the bread,topping each side with shredded cheese (Colby-Cheddar mix and an Italian mix) adding a bit more Parmesan (Cuz doesn’t a bit more Parmesan make just about anything better?).   After putting the two slices together, I buttered the one side and put it on the skillet to brown, flipped it over for just a short time to start the browning process and then removed it.   Using a glass I cut out the center and returned the sandwich to the skillet to complete the browning after I put the egg in to cook for about three minutes.

This sandwich was a BIG hit and I will definitely be making it again.  It really was a simple process to do and the result was exactly as it was in the short video I watched.

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