This year of 2016 has been a full one for me. At the beginning of this series on updating the things I feel grateful for, I was living in the Dominican Republic where I often sat on my back porch, enjoying the local fresh produce, drinking coffee and enjoying the tropical climate.

Gratitude Jar 2016 Being Thankful and  Coffee.           Coffee Is Mandatory!!!!!!


On this final Friday in 2016 I am sitting in my living room looking out the sliding glass door at a very different view. I am still enjoying my coffee and, altho the view is not a tropical one, I do enjoy the winter weather in the Pacific Northwest where I am now living.  As nice as it is to live in year round warm weather in the Caribbean, I do enjoy the four season changes of where I live currently.  Maybe that is because I grew up here and it is what seems “normal” to me.  And yes! It is cold out—current temperature in Spokane is 23 °F whereas in Sosua, Dominican Republic as I type this it is 82°F.  I would say there is just a bit of a difference between the two places I called home this year when it comes to weather. Coffee is present in either location, as you can see!

I have shared many different things I am grateful for this last year and here are a few—

  • coffee♥   because “coffee is mandatory”.  Whether I drink it as “home-brewed” or I enjoy a cup at a coffee shop while out and about, I enjoy my coffee.
  • internet connections that are high-speed and reliable.  I can still remember the “good ole days” (not) of dial-up service and how slow it was.
  • my mom and both of my grandmothers with the positive influences from them in many areas. 
  • the food we have in abundance and the variety of food that is available to us.
  • the ability to adapt to lifestyle plans that change.
  • marriage, both the partnership I am blessed with and other marriages I get to observe and learn from.
  • friends and family and celebrations with them.






Thru-out this year, I have realized that I am grateful for the ability to adapt to any change, probably more than anything else.  I am grateful for learning that life is full of change and that there are some things in life that we just do not have control over.  The ability to have a positive attitude about life, tho, IS something we have control over.  I hope I never forget that and that I continue on in the next year of 2017 with a positive attitude. 

I hope you have time to reflect over the 2016 year with gratitude and that you are able to move into the new year of 2017 with a positive attitude and hope for the future. 


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