Frosted Car on Sunday – Blanket of Snow on Monday 


Yesterday I wanted to be able to watch a couple sporting events on tv  (Gonzaga University basketball team was playing at 10:30 in the morning and the Seattle Seahawks were playing at 1:30) but I also needed to do some grocery shopping so I got up early and headed out to get my shopping done in time to return to our apartment for the games.  As I walked outside, I was greeted by frost all over the car I was using.  After having spent the last two years with warm winter weather in the Dominican Republic, it was a reminder of what winter will be like this year in Spokane.

Last night when I went to bed  I noticed snow was falling and when I got up this morning there was a light blanket of snow on the ground below my window.  The first snow of the winter has arrived.  Coffee is mandatory!

pizza-cooking-on-the-pizza-stonePizza seemed like a good call for dinner last night.  I have gotten in the habit of buying a package of garlic herb pizza dough from Trader Joe’s when I go shopping there so making a pizza is pretty easy.  Love the way the apartment smells and how filling a veggie pizza can be—we will enjoy the second half warmed up for dinner tonight since we only ate half of it last night.  I love using a pizza stone to get the crust of my pizza done more like a take-out pizza; I have found that using a disposable pan makes it much easier to remove the baked pizza.  I lightly grease it and sprinkle corn meal evenly over it before adding the rolled out pizza dough and filling in the toppings.  You can look here for the pizza stone that I bought/use now.   I did something a little different with this pizza by rolling out the pizza dough in a larger circle than the pan and adding thin slices of string cheese to it for a gooey cheese center in the edges.  Was a easy addition to my usual way of making it.  

Another advantage to using a disposable pan is storing leftover pizza in it.  I simply folded the disposable pan over the cooled pizza and secured it with two office clips!pizza-storage  Sometimes whatever works is the best thing to do, right?  And it works!  (I knew I would only be storing it for a day so I wasn’t concerned about wrapping it with anything else.)

Snacking during the games is so easy to do with homemade salsa and chips. salsa-and-chips This has become a go-to snack for us since the first time I made it.  (I will share the recipe in a future post.  It is so easy and great to have on hand.)

halo-oranges-make-easy-snacksAnother super easy snack are these little mandarin oranges.  They are so easy to peel and eat!  And I love that Halos put random stickers on a few in each bag.  I hadn’t noticed them until my previous purchase, and only then because I was peeling them for my youngest grand-daughter and noticed a sticker. It was a fun thing to peel off and stick on her arm–it brought an extra smile to her face, along with the smile she had when she was eating these!  If it weren’t for raising children and enjoying my grand-children, I don’t think I would have ever tried some of our go-to treats like halo or cutie mandarin oranges or string cheese.  I have taken to buying string cheese in bulk at Costco because both of us have found it to be a easy snack or addition to a simple meal at home. 

Hope you find time to cook/eat at home.  If you haven’t tried making your own pizza, give it a try!


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