What a difference four days can make.  When Mike & I headed to the airport in Spokane on Wednesday we were definitely feeling the winter weather of the PNW. Since we have been away from Spokane  more snow has fallen in  the area and it is icy yet again.

Now we are in the Sosua area of the Dominican Republic where the weather is in the mid-70s with sunshine and some rain.  Rather than snuggling under a blanket while the heater runs, we are running around in shorts and t-shirts.

During the four days of travel time, I definitely enjoyed some coffee.

My Starbucks Card is now down to a $1.03 on it.

In The DR I won’t be using it, so it is okay!


Large espresso maker at the condo compared to smaller one I normally use at home.

One of the first things I did at the grocery store after arriving was purchase coffee, creamer and sweetener! Because we had lived here before, I knew that I could find the Cafe Santo Domingo coffee on the shelf. It is “the” coffee here! On Sunday I made two separate on-the-stove-top espresso batches—one with my smaller espresso pot, which did not fit well on the gas stove in our rental unit.  The second batch I made with a more traditional larger espresso pot that is in the rental.  I also had a pour over cup of coffee in the evening, which is rare for me.

 (Coffee=caffeine=being awake.  I prefer to sleep at night.)

I feel asleep okay, but was awake a few hours later so I 

won’t be doing that again anytime soon!

Chicken Pesto Burrito at Cantina Grill  in the Denver Airport.

Our trip started in Spokane with a short layover in Denver before we flew to Houston.   While in Denver we went to the Cantina Grill restaurant and shared a super good chicken pesto burrito.

We did stay in Houston until Friday morning, visiting with our daughter and husband. We did get to say hello to our two grandchildren and great-grandson while there. Come Friday morning we headed to the airport yet again.

Because of the flight schedule we needed to spend the night in Newark and stayed at our favorite hotel there,  Wyndham Gardens.  We had food delivered to our room and got a good night’s sleep before taking the hotel shuttle bus back to the airport for our final flight to the Dominican Republic.

Wyndham Gardens Newark Lobby

On the flight from Newark to the DR, I did get to enjoy a piece of cheesecake for dessert!

I relaxed, read, and watched a movie.  The flight went by quickly and before I knew it we had gotten our luggage, gone thru customs and were on our way to our condo.  It has been a year since we left the DR; most of the countryside and town seemed the same as it had when we were here before.  We drove most of the way with the windows rolled down and the warm weather was easy to adapt to!


Both Mike & I are relaxing and taking it easy.  The middle of the week, we will go and see the local dentist we used when we lived here before and find out exactly what we will be getting done for our dental work during the month of March. 

Livin’ the Adventure in the DR!  🙂

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