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One of the ways I like to relax and enjoy a hour or so of my day is demonstrated in the above picture” 

A good book on my Kindle Touch Reader (Yes, I own a very old Kindle, but I love it.) and a good thermos pot full of coffee to enjoy while I am reading.

Technology has changed the way I read.  Back in,  the day (not that many years ago) I either purchased or borrow books from the library.  I remember trying to find space in my suitcases when we would travel for books that I wanted to read.  I had many bookshelves in the houses we lived in to hold those books.  But now the majority of the books I read are on my Kindle.  

I definitely am living on a budget these days.   One of the ways I have been able to both enjoy a variety of new authors and some of my old favorites is by using BookBub.   This company lists reduced cost books at online stores like Amazon, often including free books in a daily email sent directly to me.   I look forward to my daily email from BookBub!




This is an absolutely FREE product.   I have used it for several months and have added several books to my Kindle Reader.    Each day I get an email with a variety of books that have been discounted from the categories I picked when I first signed up.  Right now I am getting ready to read an abridged version of A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker.   He discounted this book to $.99 so people could read a shorter version of the book before the second book A.D. 33 comes out this next month.   This is just one example of the books available.

Give it a try.  I am recommending this because I enjoy the benefits of the product, not because I am being paid to promote it.



2 thoughts on “E-Book Deals on BookBub

  1. It’ s good to see others using BookBub. I am very much a fan. I found it about a year or so ago and love the awesome deals. I would have never thought I would get books for free and read them on my phone. I have well over 40 books on my phone. One of my favorites is Rediscover Jesus. Always look forward to the new titles. In Christ’s love

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