Spokane has a new coffee shop!   Genesis Coffee Company had their “soft opening” on Monday, September 10th and I was able to go with a girlfriend to check the new digs out.  

Both of us had Americanos.  Mine was three shots with half-n-half and stevia; her’s was one shot with half-n-half and sugar-free salted caramel flavor added.  We both enjoyed them  …….

…….  next time we will enjoy them more.  Why?  Because we both prefer heavy whipping cream.  When we put in our orders, we did mention that folks on keto (like my friend) prefer using hwc and they said they would make sure and get it in.  They not only listened and said they would get it, but before we left we were told they had already gone to the store to add it to their menu!   YEAH!  Now that is what I call customer service.  🙂

There are a variety of seating options, including two new computer bars,  tables/chairs, alongside seating arrangements with comfy chairs and end tables, including one set up by the corner fireplace.  There is an option for everyone!  

The first few weeks when a new business opens can be full of challenges, but I believe the staff at Genesis Coffee Company can handle anything that comes at them and I look forward to coming in a handful of times each month to enjoy coffee!  I hope you get a chance to go by, too!  

Genesis Coffee Company is located in Spokane Washington at 9315 N. Nevada Street.   

And remember, coffee is mandatory!

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