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Anyone who knows me knows I love good coffee.  Altho I post a lot of pictures of coffee that I get when I am out and about (I love sharing information on good local businesses), most of the coffee I drink is what I brew at home.

At home I use the pour-over method, both making individual cups and a larger pot.   Most of the time I purchase coffee beans, trying to buy organic and fairtrade ones as much as possible.   But, I also purchase ground coffee so that I can make a quicker and more quiet cup of coffee.  (I live in an apartment complex and we have “quiet hours” from 10 at night until 8 in the morning.  Altho I doubt very much that the coffee grinder would really bother anyone, I do try to wait to use it til after 8—some mornings that means I want to use ground coffee so I can have a cup of coffee earlier.)

While shopping at a couple local stores, I have found a variety of Seattle’s Best coffees and found a dark roast with the name 6th Avenue Bistro that is both organic and fairtrade.  It has become my go-to ground coffee since trying it.  

Even better news is that the cost of this package of coffee is under $5 at my local Walmart store.  (My local Winco carries Seattle’s Best coffee, but the last time I was in there I did not find this one.  Cost is the same there as at Walmart.)

Plus, this month I found a $1 off coupon to use to lower the cost even more in my Sunday newspaper.   

 You can also go to the Seattle’s Best Coffee website to download a similar coupon.


*This is not a sponsored post, but simply information about a product that I enjoy and use at home, along with a way to save money! 

PS  Another way I saved money on this product was thru a phone ap I use called Shopkick.   It is an ap that you use when you shop at specific stores (in person or online) to earn points known as kicks.   These kicks can be redeemed for free gift cards at various stores, including Starbucks, Walmart, and Amazon–just to name a few.   (Can you guess where I redeem mine?)

You earn kicks by scanning both the UPC codes in the store and also by scanning your receipt if you purchase the product for additional kicks.  Once you have earned 1250 kicks, you qualify for a gift card; the more kicks you earn, the more money you get on your giftcard. 

If you want to try  Shopkick,  we’ll both get points toward a free gift card! 😀 Use code WIN014318 or download


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