Gratitude Jar 2016

Time has flown by since my last update on my Gratitude Jar/Being Thankful 2016.   Since we have been back to Washington state since the end of the summer, we have been able to attend gatherings with family and friends.  I am extremely grateful for that!  There is a lot that I am grateful for, but I am going to focus on this one subject for now.

adoniahs-birthday-candlesOne of my grand-daughters got to celebrate her 15th birthday with family and friends in a local park. Instead of the traditional cake and candles, the celebration centered around a pumpkin pie with candles and some whipped cream.(Okay there was LOTS of whipped cream)  🙂 She is here at the picnic table (left) next to a friend and with her siblings and some cousins.

jerseys-9th-birthday-cake-partyAnother grand-daughter got to celebrate her 9th birthday with friends from school, alongside her parents (am me, too) at the local YMCA.   One of the highlights of the party for me was when she went to blow out her candles and some re-lit…..followed by more re-lighting.   Followed by lots of laughter when her dad realized he accidentally bought the candles that relight!  🙂  Made for good laughter to go along with the pizza and cake and cookies, which were followed by swim time!

pickles-at-24-tapsBetween birthday parties some of our family went downtown Spokane to 24 Taps Burgers and Brew to enjoy time together when one of our grandsons came to visit from out-of-town.   We enjoyed visiting with each other as well as indulging in burgers, fries, deep-fried pickles (shown above), nachos and buffalo wings to name a few things!  My youngest grandchild was full of energy and so I took her out to the patio where no one else was seated and kept her occupied so her mom and dad could enjoy their meals for a short time.  We had fun out there listening to music, watching some baseball, and taking selfies!


This is one we took of us!  🙂


This last weekend I was able to spend time with some dear friends celebrating the upcoming birth of their third grandchild, who is also their first grandson.  The party included all ages from young children to some of us grandparents. Games were played with much laughter, cake was enjoyed (oh my! three layers of the most moist chocolate cake ever!), and gifts were opened.  It was  a wonderful time!


Oh! And coffee–there was coffee!  You know how important that is to me, as “coffee IS mandatory!”.

I hope you are able to spend time with friends and family, too.  Sharing moments like these shown here make the best memories.



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