♥Gratitude Update for November♥


This year I decided to be more mindful of the things in my life for which I was grateful.  I put a label on a jar and used post-it note in the shape of a star to write down things that came to my mind for which I was thankful. My plan (best laid plans, as they say) was to use this and post about the items that I had written about. Well, I am still being mindful of what I have to be grateful for, but I do not have the jar/stars/pen with me as I did not bring it with me when we came stateside.  But I am still grateful for so much — and I want to share a few of them here.

But first, what is the definition of gratitude?


♥I am grateful for the home I have today.  Mike and I are settled into our current apartment and it feels like home. It has been an enjoyable process of getting set up with a new location, both purchasing items we need, retrieving some items from storage and accepting some items from family.  One of our sons returned the recliners we gave him when we moved away which was a blessing.  Our living room is small and having the two chairs and an end table with a lamp is perfect for us!  There are still projects to do and we are getting to them one by one.  (I enjoy un-finished projects as it has always been a joke in our family that when we put the last picture up on the wall it means we will be moving again soon!  We have moved a lot in our family.  My childhood was spent on  a farm and I stayed in one house for 18 years, but once I moved out it seems I have been “on the go” since.) 

♥I am grateful for being back in Spokane where the majority of our family lives.  We have a total of six children, all grown; five boys and one girl.  All five boys live either in or near Spokane.  My parents and my father-in-law also live here, as do  all three of our siblings. Being close by has been a blessing.  Some of us were able to have Thanksgiving Dinner together at a local buffet.  Grateful that there was variety for all to enjoy from salads to desserts.  Added bonus?  No clean up in the kitchen to do! dessert-for-thanksgiving

♥I am grateful for the Spokane Transit System that we can use; Getting around town is very easy and relatively inexpensive on the bus!  ♥And I am equally grateful that when we do need to use a car or get a ride, our sons/family are so willing to help us out.

♥I am grateful for local restaurants in my area.  Yesterday I was able to try a new place with my son, Matthew.  Was a nice location and some GREAT food.  I was able to bring home leftovers for Mike to enjoy, too. lunch-at-the-kabob-house

♥I am grateful for having so many great grocery stores near my home, including Trader Joe’s.  Went shopping there yesterday and am blessed by the variety of great items at good prices.

♥I am grateful that my husband enjoys my home cooking!  When I do go out to eat like I did yesterday, one of my first thoughts is “how can I make this at home”?


Pizza made at home with veggies and cheese


Stir-Fry Chicken & Veggies Made At Home


Veggie & Cheese Omelet Made at Home

I enjoy trying to make “copycat versions” of most anything we get out in a restaurant.  Mike informed me the last time I made pizza that I can put it on each and  every week’s menu as far as he is concerned.  By making it at home I can change up the ingredients to make it in ways I can’t always get on a take-out pizza. I love to go out for Chinese food, but I have learned to make most of our favorites at home — advantage to that is knowing exactly what goes into what I make/serve.  And altho during the week I make Mike a smoothie for breakfast, on the weekends I enjoy serving him a brunch plate that almost always includes a cheese/veggie omelet.  It is one of his favorite meals, especially with Cholula hot sauce on it! If  you have a Cholula sauce lover you might want to try getting this item. http://amzn.to/2fMpPzw  This variety pack would be a great way to sample the other flavors that Cholula makes.

We have tried the Chipotle flavor and I think the Lime Chili one when it was available at a restaurant.  Although the original flavor will more than likely always be the favorite in our household, it is great to try the different spices in the other styles that are available. Because we both enjoy garlic, I think we would like the chili garlic Cholula sauce.  It would be great added to just about anything I make at home. (Well, anything savory, that is).

I hope you can take the time to stop and reflect on some of the things you are grateful for as November comes to an end.


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