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Gratitude Star 2016

My gratitude jar report is long over-due.   The reason has nothing to do with me not being grateful, but has to do with a big lifestyle change that happened earlier this year in March.  Since then, we have been”mobile”, as in not living in our own place.

laptop statesideWe left the Dominican Republic in March, ahead of schedule by about a month due to unforeseen circumstances.  Since that time we have spent the bulk of our time in Texas at our daughter’s house, along with trips varying from 3 days to 2 weeks to Hawaii and Washington state to see our family and up to St. Louis for fellowship meetings and to visit some grandkids.   Although I have had my laptop available to me, I have not been as “in-tuned” to being on it as much as I was before.

Thus, a very delayed gratitude jar report is being posted here today for the months of June and July.

(Ironically when we left the DR, we left the bulk of our stuff in storage —    including my gratitude jar! )  Although I do not have the actual jar here with me now, I can still write down notes of gratitude when I think of them.  And one thing I am grateful for is the fact that I did take a few pictures of my Gratitude Jar I put together so I can use them here.  Gratitude Jar 2016

Gratitude Jar and Mug (1)I can sum up the majority of the gratitude I have felt these last few months in one phrase — friends and family!   Because our leaving the DR happened quickly, we had to rely on our friends out in the DR to help us with that.  They came to our “rescue” totally.   We were able to move our of our rental quickly and store what we could not bring back to the US.  At the time of our leaving, we did plan to return this fall, but now it looks like we will be remaining stateside for  up to a year.

Sunday coffee

Waking   up   to    coffee ready  brings a smile  to my face. 🙂

While we have been stateside, we have relied on the generosity of our family for housing.  While in Hawaii we stayed with our son who has been stationed there for the last few years.   Since he is separating from the military this summer, it will probably be our last trip out there.  While in Washington, we were able to stay the first time with a close friend in CDA, Idaho.  The last time we went to Spokane (just last week), we were hosted by three of our sons who live in Spokane—meals and lodging. (and, coffee.  🙂  Coffee is mandatory.)   We were also able to spend time with my parents enjoying lunch together.   And while going thru boxes we had left in storage at the shop where my father-in-law lives, we were able to spend time with him.  I am ever so grateful for the ability to store items where I know they are safe(even tho we have downsized to minimal items we do still have more file boxes in there than I realized).

Family Mikki & Brian

Family is Precious!

The bulk of the time we have spent back in the US has been in Texas, staying with our daughter and son-in-law.   They have been beyond generous with their home while we have been determining what our next step in moving is to be.    While I know the plan for them was to enjoy being empty nesters these last months, we have been able to make some great memories (popcorn snack nights, laughing at jokes and old memories while making new ones, trying new recipes, eating meals together–just a lot of the things families do).   Priceless.

Stop and take a few minutes and look back with gratitude on things in your life, k?

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