As a basic rule, I am not a big soda fan.  Now, this wasn’t true years ago; in fact long before they came out with the now popular home soda machines that are available in most retail stores, I had one in my home that I purchased at a local home show.  It was used by all of us in the family a lot.   But as time went on, I realized that I did not want to include that much processed ingredients/chemicals in my drinks.

Living out here in the Dominican Republic one of the things I do not have is the ability to watch Food Network on the cable programming I get.  (pause for sigh)   But I have found different shows from that network are available on Netflix, which I do have.   While going thru a season of one of Alton Brown’s shows, I came upon his program on Ginger Ale.   All the ingredients were “natural” and it seemed simple enough to make.   I now make it on a regular basis and enjoy it a few times a week.   If you want to see/try his recipe, please click below:

When I make it, I take two good sized ginger roots and clean the outside layer of skin off, using a spoon to lightly scrap off that outside surface.  I also use a knife to get around the knobby parts of it, if necessary.   You can see from one of the pictures here the results of doing this.   I have a micro-plane grater that I love to use for grating the ginger. Once I have the amount of ginger I want, it goes into the pan with sugar and water to boil, simmer, and then steep.   I strain it after an hour or so and once it is at room temperature I add the lemon juice and yeast to it.  I put it all into a large used plastic soda container that I have cleaned out and use just for this purpose.  Scrapbook collage of ginger aleTo make this refreshing drink really requires very little work and only five ingredients  including the filtered water.   Probably the biggest challenge is waiting 48 hours for the ginger ale to be made.   But it is well worth the time and wait!

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