I Thought I Liked Coffee Turns Out I Like Creamer

Coffee with Creamer is my idea of GREAT coffee!

Not only are there a plethora of coffee drinks for those of us who want to try different types of coffee, there are also tons and tons of coffee sayings/signs. I see more and more when I am out looking at different stores. This sign was one of many I saw at Hobby Lobby this week. It now is hanging on my kitchen wall above my shelf with espresso cups on it!

And since the day I started posting about my love of coffee, I have added the tag line “Coffee is mandatory!” to almost all of them. I do feel that it is true. People assume that because I say that I drink a lot of coffee. That is not true. Years ago, I did consume more, but now I tend to limit myself to one or two really good cups of coffee in the morning nowadays. I guess as I have aged, I have found “less is more” with coffee; part of that realization comes with the knowledge that I want a deep flavored coffee when I drink it. Being able to sip on a good cup of coffee is a pleasure that I enjoy and have found that I don’t need a lot of that type of coffee. Caffeine is something that I figure I don’t need to overdo!

And as the sign says I do like creamer. My choice of creamer is good ole fashioned heavy whipping cream. I know there are a variety of creamers on the market, but I prefer to use “the real thing” and add a few drops or small packet of stevia to my cup of coffee. I like knowing what the ingredients are in the products I use. One of the rules is that if a product has ingredients in it that I can’t pronounce, I am not going to use it!

“Coffee is mandatory!”

—Gramma Sherry

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