I love going to Starbucks to get a coffee drink as a treat.  I got to go the other day with one of my daughters-in-law and her 2-year-old daughter. 

On this day I got myself an Americano and my dil a vanilla latte; I offered my grand-daughter a child’s milk, apple juice or steamer.  But she was determined that she did not want one.   A few seconds later she announced that she wanted a cookie.  They have octopus cookies at Starbucks right now and she was quite impressed.  As a special treat, I ordered one for her.  (That is a gramma’s prerogative, as I am sure you know.)

After our coffee drinks were made the barista put a freshly delivered cookie into a bag and handed it directly to my grand-daughter, much to her delight!   Immediately upon sitting down and taking the cookie out of the bag she licked it!  🙂

As I was watching her eat the cookie, I couldn’t help but think of the children’s book titled “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”.  It was a family favorite so I had to go see if I could find it online.  I found it, along with a few other similar titles following the same story line/theme.  You can click on the book/books below to go to Amazon to look at them or click on this link to see the first book http://amzn.to/2riQomk

Have you had something happen that reminds you of a book from the past?  I am still smiling over my experience in that realm this week. 

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