Today I am going to celebrate an international day—seems fitting since I am in the Dominican Republic instead of the United States to do a “more bigger” celebration day.  And for it to be a day to celebrate happiness—well, who can’t get behind that!  🙂

First of all to celebrate something, we should know what it means. Looking online I found  where I was able to locate the definition of happiness that I used here. 

Here is the link to go to their website, if you so desire.

Not only can you find definitions for words, you can also play a word game to test your knowledge of the definition of words.

 (Educational, right?  Not time-wasting, right?  😉 )  

I like this definition.  Happiness=Smile


So now that you know it is International Day of Happiness and you have one definition of what happiness is as well as a few examples of what makes me happy, what comes to your mind for things to celebrate on this Day of Happiness? Most of us have more to be happy about than we can begin to count on two hands.  So go ahead and start counting — you will be smiling before you know!  🙂  

Happy thoughts will definitely bring that smile to your face.

Make it a GREAT day!



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