There is a entire month set aside to celebrate and enjoy iced tea.   And June 10th is National Iced Tea Day!

Iced tea is a refreshing drink, especially during the hot months of summer.   The entire month of June is set aside to celebrate this drink—and June 10th is set aside as a full day just for iced tea.  

There are some restaurants across the United States that celebrate the day with free iced tea, including Teavana.   I did find that Starbucks online store is offering a special BOGO sale with the use of the code ICEDTEA that gives you the second box of tea for 50% off thru June 12th.   So even a store known for their coffee is celebrating iced tea day. 

When shopping yesterday I came across this product and bought a box.  I have been enjoying them a lot!  A bit of a stretch to say this is a traditional way to celebrate iced tea day but they are really good! 

These fruit & tea bars are non-GMO.  They are 80 calories each.  The first three ingredients are tea (water, tea), peach puree, and cane sugar.  VERY refreshing! 

Enjoy, however you decide to celebrate the day and month for iced tea!  



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