I had to smile when I read a post online by a blogger referring to those days when you try to get caught up on things that have been pushed to the side for whatever reason as “Ketchup Day”.   I realized that I needed to do a post called that–sharing a little bit of different things today.

Eye Inflammation

This last month I started having some problem with one of my eyes and after four-five days of it being an issue and becoming painful I did go see an eye doctor. He diagnosed an inflammation and gave me drops to put in my eye.  It took a while, but it did clear up.   I wasn’t online as much during the first couple weeks of recovery, even though the doctor said it was okay.  I just felt better not using my eyes to read so that is what I did.  I saw my eye doctor this week and he gave me the good news that all is well. He gave me some sample OTC eye drops to use on a daily basis so I am trying them out.    So grateful for both my eyes being back to normal and a great new eye doctor!

Toothache —  🙁

All in all I don’t have a lot of health issues, but no sooner than my eye inflammation was being treated then I started to have pain in a tooth.  After a few days of trying to ignore the problem, I located a great dentist here in Spokane and went to visit her. Unfortunately the news was not great news.  After taking x-rays she  found that I need a root canal and a new crown in the area where I am having pain (or, better said, discomfort).  Other teeth need work, also, including one that needs to be done in the same time frame as the problem tooth.

Since I was in the fifth grade and chipped one of my front teeth, I have not been a fan of dentists.  Now, honestly, I can’t remember any of my dentists not being good ones.  My anxiety over going to the dentist revolves around several dentist visits for the repair of the chipped  front teeth.  During the six years that I had a temporary crown, I had to go in several times to have it replaced when it came loose.  Dealing with Novocaine in the front of the mouth was never easy for me and I would occasionally have the work done without using it. This went on until the permanent one could be put on when I turned 16 years old.  I didn’t have a cavity/filling til I was almost 18 and when I did, I found that I was very nervous about having the work done.  That anxiety has stayed with me over the years–not the fault of any dentist, just me!  The dentist I saw for this toothache uses a holistic approach and I felt very comfortable in her office. To make it even better, when I left her office, she gave me a coffee mug, pictured here! She must agree with me that “coffee is mandatory”! 🙂  

Things I have been doing in the kitchen

Prior to this winter in Spokane, Washington, I was in the tropical climate of the Dominican Republic with no snow  during the winter months. This year I am in Spokane, Washington and am dealing with a lot of snow and ice and cold.  I am not complaining one bit as I love the four different seasons of weather here.  Let me just say that this winter has been a full one–lots of cold, lots of snow, and lately lots of ice!  Schools in our immediate area were closed today due to the ice that had built up on the roads.  I saw pictures posted online that made streets look like they were ice rinks.  My plans changed today because of this weather so I have been busy in my kitchen.

Things I have been doing at home today include starting a batch of yogurt.  I will share the process I use now along with one I used prior in a future post.  (hint: it includes this nifty machine now.) 

I have also tried out a new recipe for English Muffin Bread.  We are enjoying this bread with our dinner tonight!  I will definitely be adding it to my rotation for homemade bread!  I will put up the recipe in a future post–including a substitution I made for the milk and water in the recipe and how it is related to my yogurt making. (Can you guess what it is?)


Three National Days of the Year to Celebrate Today


I guess you could say that National Toothache Day has already been addressed above with my dental issues so I won’t add anything else to that subject here.

National Pizza Day is a day we celebrate in my household more than just today!  We love pizza.  We will occasionally order it out, but I usually make it at home.  I either use this super easy make-it-from-scratch with two ingredients dough or buy pre-made dough from Trader Joe’s .  You can read about the make-it-from scratch recipe  on this post.  http://grammasherry.com/recipe/pizza-sound-good-quick-recipe/

National Bagel Day is another day we celebrate all year-long.  My favorite way to eat a bagel is with smoked salmon and cream cheese, but I rarely do so.  When I do it’s a treat!

More than likely I will be eating a toasted one with cream cheese and maybe some avocado at home.  My favorite type of bagel is the Asiago cheese one, but I also like the Everything bagel.  


So, this is “Ketchup Day” is now done!  I hope when you have one, you feel like you have accomplished as much as I feel I have today.  Make it a great rest of this week!


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