Life changed for almost everyone earlier this year when the COVID-19 situation came into the world. While life has not been affected in life-threatening ways, it has changed how we/I live. Because of the decree by the governor of Washington state to “stay-at-home” I have made less shopping trips and have not met up with family for events like my father’s 92nd birthday earlier this month. Being in our home has not been an unpleasant place to be — enjoy spending time with my husband. 🙂

🏢I live in a large apartment complex here in Spokane and the amenities have been shut down for several weeks to keep the residents safe–even the office staff has been told to work off-site; it makes for less socialization. 📄Last week when the staff put a holiday treat on our door, I also found this note. Turns out the upstairs neighbor put it on a handful of doors in our section of the complex. 💁‍♀️Those of us that received this note have been gathering around noon each day to follow the instructions. 🤩 What a great way to “choose to be happy”. As always, ☕️coffee is mandatory!

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