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Another month of 2016 is almost gone!  It is the last Friday of the month of March.  This month went nothing  like I thought it would.  (And that is pretty close to accurate!)  Our plans were changed and we returned stateside about three weeks earlier than we planned.   A lot of what I am including in my Gratitude Jar 2016 relates to that—I am grateful for friends and family who have been so willing to help us both on the DR side and stateside!

As I type this now I am in my daughter’s kitchen in Texas, sipping on a cup of coffee.   We have been blessed to stay at the home she shares with her husband as empty-nesters  since returning stateside and are grateful for their hospitality. Although the weather here in March is not the same as the weather on the tropical island we left, it is beautiful here as shown in this picture taken at this same kitchen table a few days ago.    Next to it is a picture taken two weeks ago on the outdoor table I enjoyed coffee on.

Sunshine and flowers and coffee1x1 coffee cup and thermos with tray of fruit covered porch table










The second picture reminds me of how blessed we were to have both an avocado and lime tree in our back yard in that rental house.   Enjoyed both produce items when they were in season.

I am also grateful for my ability to adapt—and can say the same for my husband and our family! Changing lifestyle plans quickly is not always easy–I give us a “10” for getting thru this current one well.

And I would be remiss if I did not include my gratitude for “March Madness”.   Being from the Spokane area makes it a no-brainer that we are Gonzaga Bulldog basketball fans!  It has been so amazing to watch the team this year rise above injuries and re-group as a team to make it on to win games that a lot of “people in the know” didn’t think they had a change to win.  And tonight I get to watch my Zags play in The Sweet Sixteen at the NCAA Tournament on a big screen tv.  That I am also grateful for!  Kyle W GU vs SM

I hope you can take the time to stop and reflect on the things in your life from this last month that you are grateful for.   I look forward to what the month of April will bring and sharing those moments with you here!

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