I was raised in a small farming community surrounded by my family.  My parents raised my sister and I on a wheat and cattle ranch, with the nearby community of 500 people (more or less) only a few miles from our farm.  Both of my grandparents lived in that town.

Having grandparents so close by was wonderful for me!  Spending nights with my grandparents was a regular treat that I loved.  I learned so much from all of my grandparents—from bread baking and cookie making in the kitchens (Okay, as a child, I admit I was more of a consumer of those items than a baker, but I did learn how to actually make them, too.) to farm work out on the ranch.  I learned a work ethic and a love of family from not only my parents, but their parents, too.

I was blessed to have my four grandparents in my life until well into my adulthood.  They were able to not only raise my parents, but influence my sister and my upbring as well as our children.  Both sets of my grandparents were God-fearing Christians and that part of their lives was obvious in their everyday living.

So, today along with enjoying the joys of BEING a grandparent, I remember my grandparents.   I also have a great appreciation for  my parents and the wonderful roles they have played (and still are playing)  as grandparents for my children.   Hug a grandparent today if you can!

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