Coffee and espresso based drinks have soared in popularity in recent years.  I remember my first espresso.  Although I enjoyed strong coffee, my first small cup of espresso did not impress me. Maybe it was because I was pregnant, or maybe I just wasn’t sure what to do with it.  

coffee-foam-2My husband and I had joined another couple at a restaurant as they were finishing up dinner and they ordered an espresso for each of us.  When that small cup and saucer was placed in front of me, I simply took a small sip of it as that is what our friends had done.   I was very surprised by how strong it was, and I did not care for it.  Because of that first experience, I was not eager to try another one any time soon.  

Some years later while shopping at a Fiesta Grocery Store in the Houston area, I ventured into the coffee bar and after talking with the lady behind the counter (Back then I didn’t know the proper title for her job.  Now I would refer to her as the barista.  I have come far.  😉 ) I ordered a cappuccino. I added a small amount of sugar to it and was hooked from the first sip.  I remember that shopping at Fiesta was not on my weekly grocery store list, but I tried to go in a couple of times a month to pick up a few items just so I could have another cappuccino.  

Later I was introduced to different styles of espresso drinks, but I will always remember the pleasure I got out of those first cappuccino drinks.  coffee-foam

I will be going out to drop off my ballot at the official elections drop-off box closest to me, so maybe I will stop and treat myself to a cappuccino.  What kind of coffee drink would you have today?  


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