Hot Cocoa?

Hot Chocolate?

Sipping Chocolate?

No Matter What You Call It, It Is Yummy!

I think most of us were introduced to  a cup of hot chocolate as children.   I drank it as a child and I know I served it to my children–both from scratch and from a mix.

Flash forever to my adult years and I still enjoy this drink, especially during the cold winter months.   But my memory of the first cup of sipping chocolate is what I remember most.

I was at a Starbucks and saw it on the menu. (Disclaimer:  It is NOT on their menu anymore!) I remember seeing an order placed for it and being surprised by how small the cup was — probably six ounces.  I went ahead and ordered one after hearing how good it was.  Oh my!  It was such a deep and rich hot chocolate!  It was obvious to me that a small cup was the exact amount to enjoy in one sitting.

Several years ago when I  went into Trader Joe’s after they opened on the South Hill in Spokane, I found they sold a sipping chocolate and I bought it.  I found it to be just as rich as the one I drank at Starbucks.  I hadn’t had any in at least two years; earlier in November, I saw it at the local Trader Joe’s I go to on the north side of Spokane and  I immediately picked up a container and brought it home!

We have been enjoying a small cup of it topped with whipped cream in the evening while watching a movie.  All I need to do is warm up some milk and add three tablespoons of the mix, stirring to combine and it is ready to be poured into the cup and topped with whipped cream. 

What kind of hot cocoa do you make? You can make it from scratch by simply mixing warm milk with cocoa and the sweetener of your choice. You can also find mixes like this one  that have quality ingredients in them. (I plan to try the Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate next.  It has bittersweet chocolate shavings in it!)   If you haven’t tried sipping chocolate, you really should.  

Happy National Hot Cocoa Day

PS  In case you were wondering there is a difference in hot cocoa/chocolate and sipping chocolate.  Traditionally, hot cocoa is a thin, sweetened beverage, made from cocoa powder, sugar, and milk.   Sipping chocolate can be made from a mixture of chocolate (usually shaved or ground into fine pieces) and cocoa or simply chocolate alone. It is usually less sweet than hot cocoa, and is a thick, bittersweet beverage.  I think of sipping chocolate as a special adult style beverage!   

One thought on “NATIONAL COCOA DAY

  1. One of my favorite things to make my kids is hot chocolate. It’s just so cozy! And all thru the past holidays their favorite was to have hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and a peppermint stick. I have done both homemade from unsweetened cocoa (my personal favorite) or in a pinch use their cold chocolate milk go to Olvaltine.

    I do remember the sipping chocolate from way back. I will try and find the one at Trader Joe’s.

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