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I love that there are days like today to celebrate!  I love coffee.  And, in particular, I love espresso.  Time to celebrate!!!!!!

Years ago I was given a nice espresso machine that I used to make espresso based drinks at home.  At the time we had moved to a small rural community and there were no coffee shops to go to.  I missed getting my espresso drinks on a regular basis, so my son and husband surprised me with the machine. I haven’t had that machine for many years as the steamer quit working and I just never got it fixed, so I had  become content to make pour-over coffee at home, making it strong. 

first-time-using-on-the-stovetop-espresso-makerA little over a year ago Mike and I took a short trip into an area in the Dominican Republic called Constanza where we stayed at a hotel that had a small kitchenette in the room.  Included in the kitchenette was a little on-the-stovetop espresso maker.  This was something I had seen in stores, but had never used.  I made espresso in it and was hooked from the first cup that we drank while sitting at the small kitchen table in the room.  kitchen-table-on-vacation





When we left the Dominican Republic earlier this year, Mike spent quite a bit of time on Amazon researching different types of these on-the-stovetop-espresso makers so we could enjoy making espresso at home. We wanted one that was stainless steel so that limited the choices, as most seem to be made from aluminum.  We also didn’t want a large one as we knew that we would be using it mostly for the two of us.  He ended up ordering this one for me.   (One note: The description of the espresso maker states “four cups” but a more accurate way to state the amount it makes is four shots/ounces.  Just sayin’.)



I love it!          It gets used on a daily basis in our home!              It is so easy to use, clean, and store!

How do I use it? I boil water and fill the lower chamber to the bottom of the button.  This makes a full four shots of espresso.  I then fill the basket with ground coffee that I tap down to fill.  After screwing the top onto the lower chamber with the basket in it, I put it on medium heat on the burner to brew.  Ah, the aroma it sends out is just the best!  I love the smell of espresso brewing.


Another added benefit to this small on-the-stovetop espresso maker is that it is super easy to pack and take when I travel.  When I pack, I add it to the single cup coffee brewer by Melitta that I have, along with the paper filters.   This along with the ground coffee, is all I need to be able to make our favorite espresso based coffee anywhere we go. Mine is an older one that has served me for many years, but you can purchase the new style here:

“Happy National Espresso Day” to you!  I hope you are able to celebrate this day by making your own espresso at home or by going out to a local coffee shop.   How WILL you celebrate today?


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