I have a confession to make.  I think pumpkins look great.   And I bake with pumpkin during the fall months, using both canned and fresh pumpkin that I bake to use.   But, honestly, I am not a huge fan of the flavor of pumpkin.  (I know.  I know.  This just doesn’t seem to be right.)

I love to drink coffee, and although I prefer a good strong Americano (topped with half-n-half, a little sweetener and a couple sprinkles of cocoa and vanilla), I will try the flavored special drinks on occasion.  (Almost always have at least one  peppermint mocha during December at Starbucks.)   But I can guarantee you will NEVER see me drinking the ever-famous PSL at Starbucks.  I know they are super popular from reading signs on the chalkboard there and looking at a handful of ceramic mugs that feature it, too.


(While  we were  travelling back to Texas  from  South Bend this Sunday,  Mike did have a PSL and I took a taste.   Let’s just say I won’t be doing that again.   I guess different folks like different flavors–that’s what makes the world go  ’round, right?  Mike really enjoyed the one he drank.)


Our trip to South Bend went smoothly on our way there.  We had a great time re-connecting with friends.  We enjoyed several Starbucks beverages, both while in South Bend and while travelling back to Texas.  Our trip back to Texas was an adventure, to say the least.  We arrived in plenty of time to get on our flight from South Bend to Chicago, where we thought we would have an hour layover and arrive in Houston around noon.  ALL the flights from Chicago to Houston were full/overbooked.   After doing a quick check, we found we could hurry (and I do mean hurry as the flight was leaving in 15 minutes) to a nearby gate and get on a flight to Saint Louis, which we did.  Once in Saint Louis, we were able to get a flight on to Houston, but not until about 6 at night.   Let’s just say we had a couple of coffee drinks at the Starbucks there while waiting.

We are staying put for the next week here in Texas.  I am going to do a little cooking and baking.  Yesterday I made a homemade version of the Olive Garden soup called Pasta e Fagioli and today I am preparing the Chicken Gnocchi soup that is similar to the one Olive Garden serves.  I have made them before and they are always a popular item to serve.

What’s on your agenda today?



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