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Love ♥ of Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows that I definitely enjoy good coffee.  There was a time in my life when I drank several cups of coffee a day.  Now, I am content to have one or two really good cups of coffee on an average day.  The amount of my consumption does not mean I not longer enjoy coffee–quite the opposite.   That is why I use the phrase “coffee is mandatory” so often.

cat-not-cappuccinoBecause my friend know I love coffee, they send me cute coffee meme on Facebook or tag me in a coffee photo on Instagram.  I thoroughly enjoy these!birth-stone-coffee-bean


Lack of Coffee 🙁

Last night I received one of these tags relating to coffee.    Actually it was about the lack of coffee.   No, it wasn’t an article about coffee crop failure or the rising cost of coffee, but instead it was an request for help getting coffee to a local outreach.


Union Gospel Mission is an outreach here  in Spokane Washington (where I live).  They have different programs set up to help people, in particular the homeless.   One of the things they do is provide meals at their facility on Trent. Coffee is offered there, too.  They are out of coffee right now.  Plain and simple–NO coffee.  To quote my friend about the need–“If you really want to see a riot tell 150 guys there’s no coffee.”


How Can You Help?

For those of you in the Spokane area, if you want to help, you can purchase any can or bag of ground  coffee and take it to the Trent Street location drop-off area.  The website is here if you would prefer to donate money on-line.   There is also a lot of information about the mission on this site.  This mission offers hope in many areas to those who need it.  Being able to share a cup of coffee with those in need at the mission is a good thing.  If you want to help with this need, this is how you can do it.  🙂

Thanksgiving here in the United States is just a week away.  I will be blessed this year to be able to spend it with a lot of my family and that makes me happy.  I will be sharing food and coffee (…because coffee IS mandatory!) around the dinner table, having the chance to celebrate being thankful with family.   Being able to share coffee with those at the Mission is something I want to do, also, as a show of gratitude for all I have.  I know any donation that is given will be appreciated.   🙂





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