Below is my quick & easy version of how to make cold brew coffee concentrate.

                               Cold Brew Coffee

Items needed:

One large glass jar (I use a half-gallon canning jar.)

1 ½ cups of ground coffee (You can use whatever brand you like.  If you grind it yourself, you can leave it more coarse, but regular grind works also.)

6 cups of water

Instructions to brew:

Add six cups of water (I use water from my Berkey system) to the large canning jar.

Add 1 ½ cups of ground coffee and mix into water.

Place lid on glass jar and store on counter 8-24 hours.

Final Step:

Once the coffee has brewed, I take another half-gallon canning jar and put a paper filter in a strainer and put it on a canning jar with a canning jar funnel.  I then pour the brewed coffee thru the filler.  As the coffee goes thru the filter, add more until the entire jar is emptied. (Update:  When I went to strain the second batch of cold brew that I made, I had an “ah-ha moment” and remembered that I had used my pour-over coffee filter in the past to complete the process.  I did find it was a quicker process and one I will continue to you.  Picture below.)  Store in refrigerator.


How to make a glass of cold brew coffee:

Four ounces cold brew coffee poured over coffee ice cubes. (More or less according to your taste.)  Add whatever type of milk you like in your cold brew (I prefer whole milk, while my husband likes coconut milk.) and add any sweeteners and flavoring.  (I like to add a splash of vanilla and a touch of stevia to mine.)   Enjoy!

Give this recipe a try if you want to enjoy some rich and tasty iced coffee this summer.  Here’s to a summer full of lots of great coffee. 

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