I wrote about this day last year. (If you want to read it, you can see it here: http://wp.me/p6OUyG-eT  ) And I think it is absolutely worth a second post this year!

A definition of kindness is pretty simple:  A kind act.   In the last month I have been party to seeing two such acts.

While waiting to pull out of a parking lot, a gentleman in a white van stopped me to tell me that there had been an accident that was causing traffic to back up in the area I was heading towards.  Because he took just a few minutes to share that information with me, I was able to go a different route.  This saved me a lot of time as I could already see traffic was backed up.  Later I read that it was a three car accident causing no serious injures but took some time to clear.   That was the first random act of kindness I saw.  

Last month I was grocery shopping at a local WinCo store.  WinCo has a unique checkout process, where the purchased items go down one of two paths for the shopper to bag their own groceries, so while one is checking out, there can be another person bagging their purchases.  It is an efficient way to deal with getting people thru the line quickly.  On this particular day there were purchases on the outside lane and mine were being sent down the lane closest to me, but there was no one bagging groceries.  A few minutes later a lady with a young son seated in her grocery cart came back a bit distressed and told the cashier she was only going to be able to purchase the milk.  The cashier explained what the lady had to do and called the manager over to cancel the order she had rung up for the lady.

I could see how distraught the lady was and smiled gently at her as she was looking thru the items on her side of the lane. Suddenly, a gentleman in front of me spoke to the cashier, asking for the amount of money owed for that purchase.  She responded with the number (about $90), to which he responded with “I will pay for it.”

In the next few minutes, those of us in the checkout lane chatted a bit and reassured the lady (who was in tears) that most of us, if not all of us, have had moments like that.  She did ask for the man’s name/address so she could send him the money later, but he refused.

As I finished bagging up my groceries the gentleman who paid for the lady’s purchases stopped by and talked quietly with her and her son. (I covered the faces in the photo here.)  The cashier stated more than once that we had all seen something very special and she hoped we would share it.

I walked out of the store and snapped a picture of the lady/boy pushing their cart thru the parking lot.  A random act of kindness by a stranger made this person’s day so much better….as well as blessed those of us who saw it take place.

What I have written about here was the other random act of kindness I have seen in the last month.  

So as the day moves on, perhaps each of us can think of something kind we can do for someone else.  Just taking the time to notice that someone has a need can result in a moment that will make a difference–whether it is something that cost money or simply takes a few minutes out of our busy day.   A smile can change someones day and takes little effort nor cost to do!  

Smiles from me to you!  🙂


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