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I think EVERYDAY should be celebrated as Random Acts of Kindness Day, but I am glad to see that this idea does have a day of it’s own to get people thinking about what they could do for others.

I think most of us have heard of a least one story relating to this idea.   I have one friend who has repeatedly driven thru to get a coffee only to find out the person ahead of her has paid for her coffee, with no mention of who they are or why. Random Acts of Kindness

I believe that is a great way to handle giving without getting credit.   Another way would be to buy a gift card for a restaurant or drive thru and leave it with the business along with a note stating you want them to use it for someone who they want to bless.   (That is my favorite way to say Random Acts of Kindness–blessing someone.) 

I can imagine there are people who want to provide a Random Act of Kindness but say they have no extra money to do it.   I honestly believe our words can be a random act of kindness, either by written or verbal.   To me, again, this is some thing we can do any day, but why not take a minute to think of something you could say to someone today or do for someone to make their day brighter.   It might simply be helping someone place their groceries from their cart to the checkout line conveyor belt or honestly complimenting someone on a job well done.    Acknowledging people is always a good thing.

As a side note, you might notice that there is a to-go cup of coffee in the bottom right side of this graphic.  I am a big fan of giving coffee as a random act of kindness.  Just sayin’!  🙂

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