We are a little over half way thru the summer of 2016.  In the last week we have enjoyed wonderful weather in the Pacific Northwest and have had some fun times with our family.  These fun times have revolved around food and drinks.  (Okay the drinks have mostly been coffee.  I admit it.  But then, coffee IS mandatory!)

Lunch and Dessert at Golden Corral

Lunch and Dessert at Golden Corral

We met up with some of our family including my parents and middle son, his wife & kids at Golden Corral to enjoy food and fellowship.  Their youngest daughter is dealing with almost losing a front tooth so softer food to bite into were on the menu for her—chocolate pudding with whipped cream falls right into that category for a yummy easy to eat dessert.  (Received an update that the loose tooth has fallen out!) This buffet has an amazing amount of food to chose from, including a small breakfast section during the weekdays for those that prefer a late breakfast.  They have biscuit with gravy and also creamed chipped beef, which I hadn’t seen in ages.  (Personally, my favorite item at Golden Corral is the salad bar where I can always make myself a Caesar salad just the way I like it :-)) 

Our youngest son is the owner/operating manager of 24 Taps Burgers and Brews. One night this week we enjoyed a plate of sliders and sweet potato fries along with a plate of boneless buffalo wings (one full pound! oh my!).  Sharing plates were brought out with the two main plates — as you can see I used mine to sample all of the food.

Sharing Plate at 24 Taps with Sweet Potato Fries, Slider and Boneless Buffalo Wings

Sharing Plate at 24 Taps with Sweet Potato Fries, Slider and Boneless Buffalo Wings.  Amazing!!!!!!!

Starbucks, Water & Sunglasses

During the daytime when we have been out and about, we have been able to stop at any number of Starbucks in the area to have a quick cup of coffee or indulge in one of their iced drinks. The weather this week has been in the 90s so you can see in this picture that I have been carrying my sunglasses and water with me, too. (Mike tried their new summer drink: Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato!  He uses coconut milk at home for his coffee so I sorta knew he was going to like this drink.  Yep!  It is his new favorite drink at Starbucks.   I opted for an iced cold brew with cream and just a little sweetener in the below pix.)  Afternoon Iced Coffee Drinks

We got to share a tradition with my middle son’s family—Monday Family Dinnertime.  Grilled chicken breasts were made and cut up to add to salad fixin’s, along with fresh fruit cut up to have on a second plate. We all ate outside and had a wonderful time relaxing in the shade of the back patio and catching up on what everyone had been doing.   The table that we ate at, shown in this picture, was made by my daughter-in-law, Tai—she used the wood from a fence they tore down to re-purpose the wood.  Amazing table, made by an amazing woman!

Outdoor Dinner

So, how has your summer been going?

Gramma Sherry (4)

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