Birthday Traditions in Cake Form

Most families have traditions that they have either started or continue on with from their parents/family.   Birthdays are always a fun time to celebrate.  In our family, I try to always bake a cake or cupcakes that are personalized for the birthday person.    Even though I live far away from my adult kids, when I am around them on or near to their birthdays I enjoy baking for them.

Made from Scratch Birthday Cake July 2015

Here is a German Chocolate Three-Layer Cake I made from scratch this year for my daughter.   I also made a chocolate frosting to put on the sides to make it look nicer, but the frosting never really set, so we simple cut the cake and spooned some over it.   May not have looked all that pretty, but it tasted good. Not only did I make the type of cake my daughter wanted, but it brought back many memories of my grandmother baking the same type of German Chocolate Cakes when I was little.   I loved watching her as she baked oh! so many yummy desserts for us to enjoy.

Dozen cupcakes for Birthday

A few years ago on one of my sons’ birthdays I made a dozen or so mocha cupcakes from scratch and topped them with a homemade caramel frosting.   I sprinkled coarse salt and espresso powder on top of them.   I used a couple different recipes to make the cupcakes after one of his favorite drinks, Salted Caramel Mocha.   They are pictured above, all packed up and ready to go to him.

Note:  This was originally posted under the title of Thursday Photo Op September 24th.






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