Photo Op #2

Sometimes it is the simple things that can make us smile.   This picture is an example of that.   A stuff animal and bright pillow on a bed may not seem like much, but the story behind it is.

Earlier this year, Mike & I were able to travel to Hawaii to be with family when they had a new baby.   During the first week there my son and husband went out with the two older kids to do some shopping and came back with some fun items, including this dog.   Mike picked it out for me and it/he traveled with us from place to place before we returned to our home.  Since being back in our rental house in the DR, this stuffed animal has been placed on our bed with a bright colored pillow each morning when one of us makes the bed.   (Does anyone else out there use the “person who gets out of bed last gets to make the bed” policy?) 

Mike & I have been married for 40 years as of this year.   Little surprises like this are another reason this picture makes me smile.  The little dog reminds me of our trip to see family and of that fact that I am blessed to be married to Mike.


Gramma Sherry (4)

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