I have been blessed to travel a lot in my life.   I have also lived in many different cities in the United States.   Currently, most of the year I reside outside of the United States in the Dominican Republic.

Here in the DR there are many tropical fruits and the local produce is wonderful.

Pictured here is an  avocado tree in my back yard.   I was so excited when I first saw the avocado on the tree, as avocado is my all-time favorite produce item.  And having a tree in my back yard to pick them from is a joy!  I have found several different ways to prepare avocados, including making truffles and brownies.  🙂  

The entrance into a condo in the area we live in shows the use of  pottery to decorate, including as light covers (shown on the wall above the vase).    You can see a potted palm in the background.

Here is a picture of some small  local bananas that were given to me from a neighbor’s yard.  They are sweet and make a great addition to the fruit salads I make.  

Also from my yard is a close up of a Noni fruit tree.

Noni fruit treeLocal DR grown bananasFull View of EntryAvocado closeup


Livin’ the adventure.

Gramma Sherry (4)

Note:  This was originally posted as Thursday Photo Op September 10th.

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