Heritage Village Starbucks has board games!


On Tuesday of this week my parents hosted lunch to have a late celebration for Jersey’s 11th birthday.  Jersey, her mom, my folks and I  enjoyed our time together at Golden Corral having lunch and visiting. 

After lunch, Jen and I decided we needed to grab coffee and a steamer so off to Starbucks we went.

Once there I used one of my Starbucks Rewards to get Jen a white chocolate mocha and treated Jersey to a vanilla steamer, while I had my usual blonde Americano.   While we were picking a place to sit and enjoy our drinks we noticed that there were board games by the large table.  


Jersey grabbed the Scrabble game and away we went —- it was brand-new so we were the first to play it.  Who won?  Well, we will never know as we didn’t have paper with us to write down points, so we just played “for fun”. 

(Good thing we did as I am pretty sure I would have come in last!) 

I had forgotten how much fun it is to play Scrabble….even if I wasn’t able to come up with words that had more than 3 or 4 letters in them!  

Coffee is mandatory! 







One thought on “Time for Coffee and Scrabble

  1. I think it is very inspiring how you combine your love for your family with your love for coffee.
    Thanks for sharing with us all your love for both! Peace be with you!

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