Coffee Giveaway Recap

Earlier this month I entered a coffee giveaway on Instagram by Tireless Merchant.   I woke up a week or so after entering the contest and found I had won!  YEAH!  I spent some time on their website as I could pick out any bag of coffee and get it shipped for free and decided on a bag of Sumatra coffee, which is one of my favorites.

The Tireless Merchant website is easy to go thru and has additional  information on each page where a specific coffee is shown.  There are four tabs: Profile, Preparation, FAQ, and Returns.  I love the education for brewing coffee different ways under the Preparation tab.  They listed a variety of styles I have not tried.  ♥learning new things about coffee♥

My package with the coffee I ordered arrived in five days and was in perfect condition.  My order had been delayed by USPS so I had been concerned that there might be damage, but was happy to see that wasn’t the case.  I cleaned out my coffee grinder in preparation for making my first cup of coffee.

Package of Coffee & Grinder Ready to Go

For my first cup of this coffee I opted to do a pour-over single cup of about 16 oz.  I measured the beans, ground them, and placed them in the pour-over and voila! A wonderful aroma enveloped my apartment and the first sip of black coffee was a welcome one.  The definition on the bag of “…notes of chocolate, butterscotch and a hint of lemon” was right on.  I had my doubts about the hint of lemon, but I could detect it and liked it.


From Beans to Pour-Over to a Cup of Coffee

My preferred way to brew coffee is pour-over style, whether as shown here with an individual cup or in my larger thermos.  Today I brewed a full thermos for my husband and I to have and it was just as good as the individual cup.  When I make my coffee I add a splash of heavy whipping cream and some stevia; my husband takes his coffee bullet-proof style with coconut oil, butter, stevia and with caramel and vanilla flavor added and blended.  My first cup of coffee is pictured below, made up just the way I like it.

My cup of coffee

I have always been a fan of Sumatra coffee and this one is definitely at the top of my list for being exactly what it was advertised as.  I will enjoy every last drop of the cups I brew — for sure!

(Although I did win this giveaway this post/review was not solicited by Tireless Merchant and is entirely my own.  I  believe passing on information about great coffee to others is the right thing to do!)

For those of you who are interested in looking at Tireless Merchant Coffee Co website here is the link:

As I always say, coffee is mandatory!

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