Tomorrow is my trip to town for grocery shopping.   While mentally planning a “whatever-is-in-the-frig” dinner (Does anyone else do that the day before grocery shopping?   I try to use up whatever is in the frig the night before I go for my weekly grocery shop to free up space for the new stuff, as well as not be wasteful of what is already made.) I realized that there was no bread.

I knew that I wanted to #1) bake bread as it was needed & #2) make a batch of Carrot Zucchini Mini Muffins from an online recipe that I had saved.   So, after a quick search online, I found the French Bread recipe I wanted to use & went to work.

Results in less than three hours:

Results of Baking

The French bread recipe is thanks to The Frugal Girl, Kristen.   It is one of the simplest recipes for baking bread out there, in my opinion.   And it makes a great loaf of French bread. The link to the recipe I used is here:

Below the rack with the bread is a batch of mini-muffins.   I knew I wanted to try a healthier version of zucchini mini-muffins & I already had a cup of zucchini shredded in the frig. I had found a recipe on-line by Jenny Melrose that used real maple syrup instead of a sugar & I wanted to try it.  They turned out super moist & yummy.   Here is the link to the recipe I used for the mini-muffins:

You might notice I used paper liners with the mini-muffins.  I live in a hot and humid climate; I am not sure if that is why I have such problems with mini-muffins & muffins sticking to my non-stick pans.  The last time I made mini-muffins at least 75% of them did not come out of the pan neatly & besides them looking less than pretty, it was a mess to clean up, too.  I am hoping the paper liners will solve the problem, without there being a lot of the finished product sticking to the paper liner.

Oh! And dinner was easy tonight.

Leftover lentil & rice salad with grilled onions & Parmesan cheese, along with salad & the homemade (still warm) French bread.

Dinner Sept 9

Livin’ the Adventure!

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