Toasted Coconut Cold Brew, Trenta Size.  And it was free!

Both Mike and I have a Starbucks Rewards Card.  One of the advantages of having this card is that we each get a free drink/food item on our birthday.  Both of us have our cards on the Starbucks Ap on our phones.  Above you can see the ap on Mike’s phone with the redeem button for his free birthday item.

Mike was out of the country for his birthday & wasn’t able to use his free birthday drink at Starbucks. (There may be a Starbuck’s store or two in the Dominican Republic, but there are none in the area we were visiting.)  So, he sent them an email expressing his disappointment in not being able to use it. (They expire in 3-4 days after birthdate.)  Their response was to give it to him a second time once he was in the USA!  🙂

It never hurts to send an email or make a phone call in a situation like this.  Starbucks was under no obligation to re-issue the birthday free item offer, but they did!  Once he got that email and they added the offer to his card/ap, it was time to pick out his free coffee.

He loves coconut milk so trying this new cold brew drink was a no-brainer.  (He loved it!)  And the barista taking the order suggested bumping it from a Venti size to a Trenta size!  Double-win!  While I was in there I also decided to use one of my rewards and I got a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, which I also got in the trenta size.  Both of the drinks were as good as we expected them to be.

Two different types of cold brew — Each made exactly as advertised.

We both enjoyed the flavors of our drinks and it made me add making cold brew coffee to my list of things to do once we return home in just a few days.

Have you tried cold brew coffee yet?  You might want to give it a try if you haven’t!

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